Established in 1993 to offer a total management solutions, services and support to companies looking towards an efficient and cost effective option. 

The outsourcing industry continues to grow and evolve from its beginnings in the information services to the human resources, benefit administrations, logistics, maintenance and virtually every function within the modern enterprise.

FMS is committed to provide timely, useful and strategic processes that will help create, maintain and improve the outsourcing relationship that result in a “win-win” scenario.

FMS has developed a “Single-source management” concept to fill any gap within your organization, thus allowing you to better focus your existing resources, time and activities on more profitable areas.
"A methodology of economics management and creative use of marketing resources"

Single-source management by an external specialist is a stress-free concept that reduces the cost of setting up new departments with additional payroll in planning, coordinating, implementing, executing activities and equipment purchases.

This practice offers to move from a
fixed operating cost to a more predictable variable cost and reduces long-term operation cost. It is even more viable for temporary or periodic business activities.

FMS customize solutions, services and support for your business objectives and provides business services as and when required, thus increases the company flexibility. With these flexibilities, company key employee can invest time and energy in building its core business.
•   No office space to provide.
•   No furniture, equipment and supplies to purchase.
•   No time or expense spent on classified advertising.
•   No financial burden of staying with current peripherals upgrades.

In view of our customer data and information sensitivity, FMS is in compliance with the following provisions;

•   Section 97 of the Banking and Financial Institution Act. 1989.
    (“Section 97 of BAFIA”).
•  Banking Secrecy & Confidentiality.
•  Personal Data Protection Act 2010.
•  Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreement.