With the aim of providing a One-Stop Total Solutions, FMS offers the following services;

  CRM- Customer Relationship Management        BPO- Business Process Outsourcing        Fulfillment        Logistics        Distribution        Survey        Database Management        Bulk Mailing        Redemptions        Storage        Outsourcing 
Outsourcing an operation and responsibilities of a specific process or department to FMS can help to eliminate peripheral or non-core business expenses.

It also
transformed fixed operating cost to a more predictable variable cost and increases the company flexibility. With these flexibilities, company key employee can invest time and energy in building its core business.

FMS develops specific services in assisting and operating the front and back offices with track records.

- Customer Service Centre.                                              - Analysis reporting.
- One-Stop Operation Centre.                                         - Inventory control. 
- Redemptions Centre.                                                     - Technical services.
- Distributions Centre.                                                      - Stock management.
- Internal/ external warehouse inventory auditing.                   
- Internal/ external branches replenishment.

BPO- Business Process Outsourcing  &
CRM- Customer Relationship Management
One stop-total solutions partner
Database management is important in keeping track of your customers and servicing them. Creating and maintaining a database can be time consuming and FMS with a dedicated support team can ensure smooth and constant control of information.

Maintaining the
database accuracy reduces the wastage of return marketing mail and ensures that the message reaches the target to maximize your marketing campaign.

- Data entry.                                     - Database cleansing.
- Postal code verification.              - Database de-duplicating.
- Invalid database capturing.       - Database generation (from Marketing events, roadshows and ect.).
FMS assist in strategizing your marketing methods. This is a form of gauging public response to products and services. FMS help conducts market and tele-surveys for customized analysis report to identify crucial sectors or subjects that needed to be addressed or targeted.

- Customer satisfactions.                         - Call invitation/ reminder.   
- Customer processes.                              - Call confirmation, RSVP.
- Data updating/ capturing.                    - Sending bulk SMS.

FMS provides a wide range of fulfillment services specific to your requirements. FMS ensures that all fulfillment
services required is in excellent condition and cost effective to the targeted market, retail outlets or branches.
- Bulk mailing.                                          - Premium distributions.
- Pick and pack (collation).                    - Registered mail (mail tracking).
- Literature and product insertions.
Direct material sourcing requires reliable contacts and time. FMS can assist in sourcing of materials/ products
directly from local or foreign supplier and manufacturer.

FMS distribution and logistics management connects you to our established carrier network of qualified transportation companies.

FMS customize an cost effective and schedule for your distribution needs. FMS dedicated transportation and logistics management ensures your shipments delivered on time with the most effective route possible.

FMS also provides storage services for short or long term storage as a component of the distribution management. Storage, collation, packing, stock control and delivery are an integrated part to optimize our customer storage services and distribution processes.

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